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Sea Biscuit Wallpaper

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Dive into serene ambiance.

Our Sea Biscuit wallpaper offers a refreshing splash of coastal elegance, with its pattern of stylized sand dollars set against a soothing, seafoam backdrop. The rhythmic design and muted tones evoke a gentle, oceanic tranquility, ideal for creating a peaceful bathroom retreat or a restful bedroom escape. This wallpaper invites a breath of salty air and the subtle charm of seaside living into your home, crafting an atmosphere where relaxation washes over you like gentle waves on sandy shores.

  • Full-color quality print
  • Eco-friendly matte wallpaper
  • Odor-free water-based inks
  • Three paper choices
  • 10-year Non-Fade Print Guarantee*
  • Available in any size to fit any wall

Please note: When calculating the amount of wallpaper needed, we recommend adding additional space to allow for shrinkage. Our heat printing process can cause up to 2.5% shrinkage.

*The non-fade print is guaranteed for 10 years when the paper is kept at an optimal position, away from direct sunlight

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