Welcome to Our New Wallpaper Line

Our debut wallpaper collections are more than mere decorations; they're a testament to a lifestyle that values sustainability as much as style. With every pattern steeped in individuality and every print echoing our commitment to the environment, our wallpapers are a celebration of eco-friendly practices, using no solvents and only water-based inks.

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Mermaid Sisters

Immerse yourself in the charming world of the sea with the Mermaid Sisters Collection, designed to add a touch of mythical whimsy to your home. A treasure trove of aquatic charm, our collection features round floor pillows, a cozy bean bag chair, and vibrant wallpaper, all showcasing the playful frolicking of mermaids amidst a forest of seaweed and fish. Perfect for those who dream of the sea, this collection promises to bring a splash of magic to any room.

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Sherpa-Lined Blankets

Say goodbye to shivers and hello to comfort with our luxurious Sherpa-lined Blankets! These blankets are designed to offer a bear hug of warmth, making them an essential companion for those who love to stay snug and cozy. Measuring a generous 80” x 60” and lined with soft lavish Sherpa, our blankets provide ample coverage for snuggling up and staying toasty on even the chilliest of nights.

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