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Dragonfly Wishes Wallpaper

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Turn your walls into a canvas of possibility.

The Dragonfly Wishes wallpaper is a subtle nod to the timeless tradition of whispering wishes into the breeze, perfect for those who seek to infuse their space with a sense of hope and the gentle joy of nature. With its gentle dragonflies and whimsical dandelion motif dancing across a soft, neutral background, this wallpaper will wrap a bedroom or study in a layer of quietude, as each dragonfly's dance invites the mind to wander and the heart to yearn.

  • Full-color quality print
  • Eco-friendly matte wallpaper
  • Odor-free water-based inks
  • Three paper choices
  • 10-year Non-Fade Print Guarantee*
  • Available in any size to fit any wall

Please note: When calculating the amount of wallpaper needed, we recommend adding additional space to allow for shrinkage. Our heat printing process can cause up to 2.5% shrinkage.

*The non-fade print is guaranteed for 10 years when the paper is kept at an optimal position, away from direct sunlight

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