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Om Buddha Blanket

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Inner Lining

Wrap yourself in serenity with our Om Buddha Blanket.

With a serene blend of tranquility and warmth, this blanket is a soothing retreat for the soul. Adorned with a peaceful Buddha figure and the sacred Om symbol amidst a tapestry of intricate mandala patterns, the cool, calming blue hues evoke a sense of stillness and reflection. A perfect companion for meditation or unwinding after a long day. Soft to the touch and comforting to the spirit, it’s an invitation to embrace moments of peace and mindfulness in your daily life.

  • 80" x 60"
  • Choose Between: Rounded Corners with a Soft Cream Sherpa lining or Straight Angle Corners with a Cozy White Fleece lining
  • Durable, soft and warm
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